Questions and Answers 

Q. When do you run?

A. We start our trips in the week leading up to the Easter holiday. We then try to run at least one seals cruise and one nesting birds/Exmoor cruise per day through to the end of the children's autumn half term holiday - normally the end of October. If we don't run on a particular day it is because the weather is not suitable for our passengers. Whilst some of our passengers clearly relish the prospect of cruises in mixed weather there are clearly others who will be unwell and we have no wish to mar their holidays. The Bristol Channel is subject to fairly frequent changes of weather and therefore although we may not be able to get out one day, usually within a couple of days we are able to sail again. We have a large good sea boat and this assists us in running fairly regular trips. In the peak months of June and July it is likely that we will be running 3or 4 trips per day.

Q. Where can I park my car?

A. There are several car parks in the vicinity of Ilfracombe harbour. Immediately adjacent to the harbour is the pier car park and normally parking is available there each day. In some occasions in July and August the car park will be full. Further car parking is available opposite the harbour in the Cove car park. Further up the Cove there is long term parking if you wish to visit Ilfracombe for the day.

Q. Can I book a place on a cruise?

A. The simple answer to this is yes. You can telephone 01271 879727 and reserve spaces. We will need to take a telephone number from you. We would ask that you telephone again on the afternoon before the day you want to go or the morning just to confirm. If we have any concerns about the weather we will also telephone you as far in advance as we can.

Q. What facilities do you have for the disabled?

A. We assist many people with walking difficulties or in a wheelchair to enjoy our cruises each summer. Our vessel can take wheelchairs and our staff are on hand to assist the disabled. We would only ask that you telephone and book several days in advance so that we can advise you of the best time for a trip because of the tides. It is far easier to embark and disembark when the tide is in.

Q. Do you take children?

A. We enjoy having children on our cruises and many have taken the wheel of the vessel for short periods subject of course to conditions being safe. Children aged 4 and under go free and children up to 16 pay half fare. We have facilities for storing pushchairs.

Q. When is your busiest time?

A. Without a doubt, school holidays are our busiest time but we are more than happy to take telephone bookings in advance to ensure that you have your place. Outside of these months there is not usually any difficulty in obtaining places on our vessel.

Q. What time should I arrive for my trip?

A. We would ask that if you have not booked you turn up about one hour before the scheduled trip to ensure you have a place. If you have booked we would ask that you turn up about half and hour before the vessel is due to sail. This is to allow us to confirm your booking, make payment and direct you to the appropriate landing within the harbour.

Q. What is the best trip to go on?

A. For children undoubtedly the Seal cruise has proved most thrilling. There are a colony of seals located on the coast to the west. Seeing the seals is a thrilling experience for any child. The coastline to the west is also spectacular. The nesting birds and Exmoor coastline is however more spectacular and because of the nature of the coastline we can get very close into the coastline. Also this tends to be more sheltered from the prevailing winds and is therefore perhaps better for those a little concerned that they may be ill.

Q. What facilities do you have?

A. There are toilets on board which we strive to keep meticulously clean. We are also hoping in 2007 to be able to provide hot tea and coffee. We have sheltered accommodation as well as accommodation on the flying bridge and open seating at the rear of the vessel. You are free to move around on those trips and can usually comfortably do so due to the size of the vessel.


We believe that our trips represent a stimulating and an exciting event in the lives of the children who come out with us. We can provide materials and resources in advance for key stage 1 and key stage 2 if required. We can run shorter trips of an hour as we recognise that interests may wane. We will be happy to discuss your requirements over the telephone on 01271 322858. Normal fares, children £4 (11/2 hours), £3  (1hour) and teachers free.


One and a half hour cruises - Adults £12, Children £6, age 4 and under go free